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Testimonials from satisified WebVideoZone members

If you think you may want to join us and try the WVZ risk-free, here are some comments from members that will give you an idea of what you'll find inside...

"I LOVE this video player solution. I have been looking for something like this for a long time and I certainly appreciate a first class company since I strive for the same with my business."
- Blake Kassel, CEO, Bodylastics International Inc., BODYLASTICS.COM

"By the way, I think your service is awesome - and the way you handled this recent video problem for me just doubles/triples that feeling - Thanks!"
- Honor Dargan,

"Joe has always answered my e-mails personally and promptly. We recently had a unique challenge and Joe was able to provide a solution for. The quality of the final downloadable video file was excellent after we learned just what to do. The WVZ is a great option for us and we are very pleased with the service."
- Kirstyn Sierra,

"Of all the investments I've made into my future - and this includes a lot of great stuff and a LOT of crap, your program is the best - and your price is a bargain. It's super easy to use and offers me more than I know what to do with. I have used it for a series of simple videos on my website, but have bigger plans for it once I get myself moving forward! Just wanted to thank you for your help in the progress I've made this year."
- M. Fogarty,

"I have looked everywhere on the net for this kind of service. You have enabled us to take a quantum leap in the quality of our website. Thanks to you we have entered the internet video craze full throttle. You have a terrific system!"
- Ted Nottingham,

"Love the WVZ, it's a joy to use and work with!"
- Mike Mohan,

"I am planning on upgrading my account and hosting ALL my videos with you. I REALLLLY like your Web Video Player 2.0, and love the feeling of your site and service. First class Joe. I found that to go with you will actually be cheaper in the long run than using the video player built into my CMS."
- John Gallagher,

"I've been a member for close to six months now and this product is fantastic!"
- Chris Koehl,

"Initially I was overwhelmed by the WVZ website -- but now I am simply amazed! I was able to navigate through the online tutorials and have uploaded my first 2 videos. I am still exploring various options but have embedded the videos into the new website already. I appreciate the flexibility offered by WVZ for customizing players. I am VERY pleased with the quality of the converted videos -- absolutely no comparison to YouTube. Thank you again for your generosity, your wonderful service, and your terrific product."
- Sue Mansfield, North American Bear Center -

"Clever satire in video form has worked great in both communicating our message and also in garnering high conversion rates. The WVZ online compression and conversion makes it easy to upload our videos, and the Web Video Player and the Jukebox Player have transformed our site with quick-loading, easy to use, and attractive flash video. Also, the speed at which the videos load allow us to use high quality video all over the site. A fantastic product... thanks so much."
- Sandy Rosenthal,

"I discovered Joe Chapuis's WebVideoZone a couple of months ago. Joe is one of those outstanding individuals who really knows his stuff and focuses on OVERdelivering for his clients. We love and use his video software tool called "The Big 3." It allows us to easily do all we want to achieve with video, including viral spread and providing videos for use by our affiliates. I give very few public testimonials, but this is THE perfect video tool for any serious Web business."
- Dr. Ken Evoy, President,

"Just wanted to let you know how thankful I am to have stumbled onto your site. So many times in life you just don't get what you thought you would. That is definitely not the case here at the WVZ, where I feel you have overdelivered. I told a friend of mine that for a while I felt like I was stumbling around in cyberspace in the dark. And then I found you, and now I have light... and a helping hand. Thanks so much."
- L.M. Hughes

"Thanks again for all your help, Joe. My experience with you and WVZ has just been the best. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a complete newbie to the Internet video revolution (like me) this is the place to be! The articles, the forums, the training videos, everything is absolutely First Class. I can't thank you enough for building such an outstanding and comprehensive service."
- Roque Lachica,

"For the record, you have an outstanding service - we're customers for life!"
- Phil (and Bob) Davies,

"Again, I really appreciate your help! Many online companies have high tech. Unfortunately few have high touch to go along with it. Without your help I would have spent weeks trying to figure out what the problem was on my own!"
- WVZ Member, Metrakit82

"Thanks again and thumbs up for providing such a cool and easy to use professional web player."
- WVZ Member, Captain

"The WebVideoZone system is simply amazing. I tried YouTube and it worked well, but being a legitimate business, I felt it was necessary that I brand my video players with my company names for each project we worked.

If you want to increase the interactivity between your website and your users, then WebVideoZone is the only way to go. Anything less, and your conversions won't see the light of day.

Joe's tool has been very helpful in making me a ton of money. This video technology is huge and us small guys have a serious advantage right now before everybody else catches on. Once again, thank you Joe for such an excellent product!"
- Cartess Ross,

"If you want to create video the fast, fun and easy way... and get affordable hosting as part of the deal, choose The Web Video Zone..."
- Michael Campbell,

"I LOVE the Web Video Zone. The player simply blows away any other online video system I have ever used. And the personalized customer service Joe provides goes above and beyond anything I've ever experienced before. I highly recommend this program!"
- Ryan Lee, Fitness Entrepreneur,

"Your system is '5 Star.' I've only scratched the surface with what the Web Video Player can do for my business."
- Jason,

"I had the pleasure of meeting Joe at last year's System Seminar and found him to be a very sharp guy and very approachable. After taking far too long to get started, I have to say I'm LOVING the WebVideo Player - it is AWESOME! I'm just playing around with it right now - I haven't scratched the surface of all the many ways that this fantastic tool can be used. Thank you Joe for making me look good while I develop my chops!"
- Frank Rodriguez,

"I really think you have a great product. It is easy to use and an excellent tool when linked with an affiliate program."
- Daniel P. Baril, Ph. D.,

"Hi Joe, just wanted to let you know that my welcome video and exercise videos are now live on my site and the feedback from visitors and customers has been tremendous. I seriously doubt I would have sold as many exercise programs as I have these past few days without the Web Video Player. What a buzz! Thank you."
- Matthew,

"By the way, awesome website. The ability to click within the video and send the video as a referral is letting me build nationally and internationally with almost no lag in time. It's early in the process, but I can definitely see the power of your service."
- Todd Watson,

"Hi Joe. Thought I would share this with you and your readers. You can use it how you like. I have a new client and I just finished editing a Video for them. They have posted the video on their site. I chose to use the WVZ Web Player on this site and I also host it (using Web Video Zone). In return I just keep the WVZ affiliate logo on the player and they have no problem with it.

One of the great things is that I can change the look of the player whenever I need to. It is so convenient for me and easy for the client to add to their site. The other cool benefit is the possibility of the viral sharing of the video which might help with the old Affiliate sales.

I will continue to use the WVZ Player as long as I will be making videos for clients. Thanks again for the great service Joe."
- WVZ Member, PlanetHoops

"I can't believe how EASY this has been up to now (all of 2 hours after joining!). I'm the classic "Please tell me which button to push" person - and you're doing that so clearly. Thank you."
- WVZ Member, Canovas

"First off Joe what a killer program you have here, possibilities are endless... so glad I found it!"
- Michael,

"Just to say what a fabulous website this is! I've just joined and it's a real godsend I found it, honest. Well, back to studying all the excellent tutorials... "
- WVZ Member, Tessae

"I just joined... and your service and product are great!"
- WVZ Member, BrotherG

"Hi Joe. Do you get tired of compliments? Just loaded the second video on the site, and sent the links to a friend in the States, asking her to tell me how they looked from her side. Her response: 'Actually, these were easier to get started on your site than they were on YouTube.' There's my favorite word - EASY! Thanks!"
- WVZ Member, Spielblonde

"Thanks for your personal welcome - especially on Thanksgiving Day! I'm feeling pretty excited about WVZ and the amazing resources you've created there. Your honesty and straightforward no BS approach is soooo refreshing!"
- Paul Cutright,

"I would just like to say that I have spent most of the day on your site and it is simply awesome. Lots of god positive and informative information. I am a member of a few membership sites and none come close to the quality of your information. I am the GM of an International Software company and we will be using your software and some of the techniques outlined."
- Kevin Hall,

"The Video Affiliate System" has exciting possibilities. Affiliate merchants will see the huge potential in this..."
- Allan Gardyne,

"I gotta say...I'm a big fan of your work and I look forward to working with your great new product. Thanks Joe!"
Lon Naylor,

"DAMN- THIS IS REALLY COOL! I could get lost in your content. And your green screen article was like finding gold. I find the WebVideoZone to be an indespensible resource for anyone serious about online video."
- Kevin Nalty,

"A fantastic resource... The viral features are brilliant!"
- Perry Lawrence,

"I have not been this excited about a new tool sense I first discovered the internet back in 1997. I mean it brings niche marketing to a new and personal level."
- WVZ Member, jberg411

"Your product is great and I appreciate the hosting and FLV converter service as part of my subscription."
- John Sheridan,

"I love the service and I'm really looking forward to being on the cutting edge of the video revolution."
- Roque Lachica,

"Thanks Joe, - Just want to say what a great resource Web Video Zone is!"
- WVZ Member, colmad

"Terrific resource you have here! In the few short hours I've been a member, I've already made one of my marketing clients very happy. Very cool!"
- Bill Enross,

"Following is my first 24 hour experience with WVZ: I needed to get my promotional video for my book up on my site asap so I got to work right way with the tutorials. Result: by evening, I had encoded my WMV into FLV (watching the tutorial) and my video went "Live". Wow! Talk about simple. This is truly a wonderful video player and I'm looking forward to exploring ways of using it. Thanks Joe!"
- WVZ Member, kahjoon

"The player is fabulous! Lots of valuable information and tools I know I'll put to good use. Thanks for creating such a valuable resource!"
- Jim Laube,

"I'm very, very excited to have found your website to help me!! It's is a HUGE help, to say the least. Lots of plans for making a career of this. Thanks for all the help."
- John Froelich,, LLC

"Love your site! I've just signed up today and am really enjoying it."
- WVZ Member, Classactjh

"Hi Joe, I'm sooooo glad I joined your site. I wish I'd done it sooner."
- Patrick Cash

"I put up my first video on my website last night with the easy instructions in the membership. I'm looking forward to finding more ways to use video. Thanks for making web video manageable Joe. I look forward to doing cool things with it."
- WVZ Member, KJ

"I love the site and already your info has helped me greatly."
- WVZ Member, LindaK

"I feel like a kid in a candy store - tools, great tutorials with answers to my burning questions. The WVZ is uber-useful!"
- WVZ Member, Elizaduck

"Your product and service is the best!"
- Eric Rusch,

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    What some WVZ members are saying:

    "Of all the investments I've made into my future - and this includes a lot of great stuff and a LOT of crap, your program is the best - and your price is a bargain."
    M. Fogarty,

    "Thank you again for your generosity, your wonderful service, and your terrific product. I am simply amazed!"
    Sue Mansfield

    "The WVZ BIG 3 is sensational!"
    Dr. Ken Evoy,

    "The WVZ system is simply amazing, and has been very helpful in making me a ton of money. Thank you for such an excellent service!"
    Cartess Ross

    "I LOVE the Web Video Zone and I highly recommend this program!"
    Ryan Lee,

    Check out the WebVideoZone 'Try and See' Guarantee...
    "Your product and service is the best!"
    Eric Rusch,

    "The information I got from my membership paid for itself in the first two hours - very cool!"
    Bill Enross,

    "The Video Affiliate System™ has exciting possibilities. Affiliate merchants will see the huge potential in this..."
    Allan Gardyne

    "Just for the record, you have an outstanding service. We are customers for life!"
    Phil & Bob Davies

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