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[WVZ Alert] The most valuable lesson...
In this edition: ~ One of the most valuable lessons I've ever learned
~ Introducing the WVZ JukeBox Video Player 2.0 . . .
[WVZ Alert] Always remember these two words...
In this edition:
~ Remember these two words when you create your sales videos
~ Web Video Player 2.0 - Fullscreen, downloadable video
~ Digital Watermarker - Don't let people steal your videos!
. . .
[WVZ Alert] These crazy numbers just don't lie...
In this edition:
- Mind-boggling numbers regarding online video viewing
- Limited-time free access to "members only" WVZ articles
- New web video tools guaranteed to make your life easier
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[WVZ Alert] The end is near...
Ok, I know Chicago it isn't Paris. But it is the setting for Ken McCarthy's annual System Seminar. This is a sort of Mecca for internet marketers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners who want to learn directly from some of the sharpest and most successful internet business minds on the planet . . . more...
[WVZ Alert] Web video success stories...
I have an interesting story for you today that demonstrates how some WVZ members are using web video to increase sales, drive traffic, and build a passionate online community . . . more...
[WVZ Alert] The secret to why we do the things we do...
Once you understand and apply this truth to your life and business, everything gets easier: relationships, parenting, marketing, customer service, product development. Everything... . . . more...
[WVZ Alert] Get ready for "The Big 3"
The fastest, easiest way to add high-quality, interactive video presentations to any web site . . . more...
[WVZ Alert] A must watch: "How to Film a Video"
In this fun and informative video, Tim Carter demonstrates different equipment and techniques that will help you to quickly create better video for the web (or anywhere, for that matter) . . . more...
[WVZ Alert] Momma says buy more Google!
Two scary things happened to me in the past few weeks that rocked me to the core . . . more...
[WVZ Alert] Emasculated and Lost (huh?)
Desperate Housewives is on ABC, as is the hit TV show 'Lost,' which opens its third season this week. Using the Lost 'trailer' from Google Video, I posted to the new WVZ blog an example of how you can customize the Web Video Player(tm) with your own clickable 'branding image'... . . . more...
[WVZ Alert] Where are the Real Opportunities in Web Video?
Big opportunity for those who are interested in video, and the internet, in general. Simply put, now is a great time to learn how to produce videos for the web. Here's why . . . more...
[WVZ Alert] Portable video - Am I missing something?
Despite the fact that portable mini video devices are flying off the shelves faster than the manufacturers can make them, I'm going to take a contrarian point of view here, and tell you not to get too excited about this industry (just yet) . . . more...
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