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  Home | JukeBox Video Player | The New WVZ JukeBox Video Player... Now you can easily add m . . .

The New WVZ JukeBox Video Player...
Now you can easily add multiple videos to any web page using just one player!

Introducing Version 2.0 of the WebVideoZone JukeBox Video Player. It's the easiest way to add multiple, interactive videos to your web pages!

There will probably be times when you'll want to make multiple videos easily accessible to your visitors in one location. For example, maybe you've got a multi-part series of training videos and tutorials. Or perhaps you simply need a centralized location to archive all of your video content. Either way, we now have a powerful solution that will make it easy for both you and your visitors: The JukeBox Video Player. But before I actually show you the new player in action (below), let me first tell you a bit about how it works.

Overview of The JukeBox Video Player...

The JukeBox loads and displays existing Web Video Players, not the actual video files themselves. Think of it as a container that holds your players, which you can arrange and rearrange however you'd like. Add or remove videos to the player at any time, and your JukeBox updates automatically, in real-time, on every page in which it appears.

It's a breeze to customize your JukeBox Players so they blend with the look and feel of your site. And any time you edit one of the Web Video Players in your JukeBox (e.g., change the video file, exit links, etc.), it will automatically update in the JukeBox.

The JukeBox Player background color and border color is determined by the individual Web Video Players you plug into it because each Web Video Player retains its own unique configuration settings while it's in the JukeBox. This means each video within the JukeBox can have its own Intro Image, Exit Image, clickable links, color, etc.


When creating a JukeBox Player, you start by first creating (or cloning) a Web Video Player for each video file you'd like to present in your JukeBox. Once you have generated individual players for each video file, you then simply plug them into your JukeBox Player using the WVZ Jukebox Video Player Wizard in your control panel.

You have several different options for what happens once a video is finished playing. If you check the box that says "Auto-Load Next Video," the next video will automatically load as soon as the current one is finished playing. If you do not select this option, the individual player's settings will determine what happens. These options include:

• Display a clickable Exit Image
• Continually loop
• Reset to the "initial state"
• Automatically redirect to another web page
• Do nothing


The Intro Image of each Web Video Player is used as the thumbnail image to represent the video in the JukeBox player. Clicking on the thumbnail causes the individual Web Video Player to load in the JukeBox. In the player below, you'll see that after video #1 (Iron Man trailer) is finished, video #2 (Space Shuttle) automatically loads. But after #2 is finished, it resets back to the clickable Intro Image for #2 because "Auto-Load Next Video" was not specified. To view video #3 (Trunk Monkey), you'll need to click on its thumbnail image.

Videos can be set to start playing automatically when loaded by turning on the auto-start setting in the individual video player's configuration. Otherwise, the viewer will need to either click on the play button or the screen in order to initiate the video playback.


Video Resizing and Resolution...

The JukeBox Player automatically resizes depending on the individual players loaded into it. If you load video players with different resolutions (e.g., 320x240 and 400x300), the JukeBox will resize on your web page when the video changes. But for best results, it is recommended that you use videos of the same resolution.

To see an example of how this works, please refer to the player below. The first two videos have a resolution of 420x236, but video #3 (Trunk Monkey) has a resolution of 320x240. Click on the different thumbnails to see the automatic resizing in action.

Here is a working example of the WebVideoZone's JukeBox Video Player (v2) in action:

How to Create Your JukeBox Video Player...

  1. Login to your WVZ account.
  2. Upload/convert your videos, creating a WVP2 player for each video you'd like to use in a JukeBox.
  3. Go to the WVZ JukeBox Wizard, and specify a name for your new player where it says "Jukebox Video Player Name."
  4. Choose "Version 2.0" in the dropdown box where it says "Jukebox Version." (Version 1 beta is no longer being supported.)
  5. Specify the number of videos you would like to have in your JukeBox where it says "Number of Videos in Playlist." You can change this at any time simply by adding/removing videos.
  6. On the next page of the JB Wizard, choose the background color you'd like to have display behind the thumbnail images, as well as the video title color for the text under each thumbnail image.
  7. Select the videos you would like to display in the player from the drop-down boxes. You can re-order them at any time.
  8. Specify the title text to be displayed below the thumbnail images.
  9. Save your player, add the generated code to your site.

And that's it! You'll then find your JB Player listed under "JukeBox Players - Player Version 2.0" where it can be edited, updated or cloned (to create another player) at any time.

The WVZ JukeBox Video Player v.2 - Things to Keep in Mind...

1. Requirements

The JukeBox Video Player v.2.0 can be created and viewed on all computers and operating systems. When creating JB2 players, you will need to use Web Video Player v.2 players only. Only WVP2 players will be available for plugging into the JB2 player. If you have existing WVP1 video players that you would like to use in JB2, simply clone them as WVP2 players, and they will then be available to you to be plugged into the JB2 player. Also, since JB2 is a completely new player and system, and not simply an update, any earlier players you may have created for JB1 cannot be used with JB2.

2. Videos and Your Affiliate Program

You can easily incorporate JukeBox Video Players into your own existing affiliate program by using JB2 in conjunction with the Video Affiliate System. This means you can create JukeBox Players and invite your affiliates to add them to their sites. Your affiliates' unique ID codes will then automatically be embedded into the clickable links of the JukeBox Player, enabling them to earn a commission for sending you traffic via your players. (The Video Affiliate System available to WVZ Gold Members and higher.)

3. Fullscreen and Download Capability

Because JB2 utilizes the new Web Video Player v.2.0, videos you include in your JukeBox Players can be viewed in fullscreen mode by your visitors. You'll also be able to optionally make them available for download in the iPod-friendly MP4 format, directly via your player (learn more).

4. JukeBox Players - Membership Allowances

The JukeBox Player is available to all WVZ members. However, the number of players available, as well as the number of videos that can be plugged into each player, is based on membership level:

Basic Members - 2 JukeBox Players and up to 4 videos per player
Silver Members - 5 JukeBox Players and up to 10 videos per player
Gold Members - 10 JukeBox Players and up to 25 videos per player
Gold Plus Members - 30 JukeBox Players and up to 50 videos per player

We're excited about JB2, the newest tool in the WVZ web video arsenal. If you're already a WVZer, please submit any questions or suggestions to the WVZ forum. But if you're not yet a WVZ member, please contact us here. And we invite you to try the new JukeBox Video Player, risk-free. Check out the WVZ "Try and See Guarantee" to learn more!

Video Sources:

Iron Man Trailer - Who would have though Robert Downey Jr. would make such a great super hero?
Space Shuttle - Incredible HD footage of the Space Shuttle preparing for launch, and views from orbit
Trunk Monkey - A viral video hit by a car dealership who's doing web video right
Yo-Yo People - We discovered this enormously talented street-performing couple when visiting Boston a few weeks ago. Be sure to check out their site and videos. Big fun!
Sharkwater - Amazing HD video of sharks and marine life by Rob Stewart
Will It Blend? - Fun with blenders, and another viral video success story

Thanks for sharing!

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·  Introducing Web Video Player 2.0: Featuring fullscreen video and optional 'Download This Video' button!