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  Home | The Web Video Player | Combine web video with email and watch how fast your opt-in . . .

Combine web video with email and watch how fast your opt-in mailing list grows!

Question: What do you get when you combine the convenience of email with the popularity of web video?
Answer: A powerful new list-building tool... The WVZ's Opt-in List Booster

Web Video + Targeted Email Opt-Ins = A Massive Mailing List!

The Importance of Minimizing Fear and Building Trust

If you have a web site, you do one or both of the following:

  • Provide information (e.g., forums, sales materials)
  • Encourage some kind of action (e.g., purchase, request more information, visit advertisers)
  • Unless your site is purely for fun, you have (or should have) what I refer to as a Most Desired Action (MDA). This is the goal you have for every targeted visitor who visits your site. Whatever it is, you will increase your chances of achieving your goal if you are able to earn the trust of your visitors while minimizing their fears.

    The frightened mind has a tendency to say "NO!" - but you want your visitors and prospects to say "YES!" to you, your web site, and what you're asking them to do. You can build trust and reduce fears in a number of ways, including:

  • Displaying testimonials of satisfied customers
  • Having a clear privacy policy
  • Using SSL encryption for credit card transactions
  • Regularly communicating with your prospects
  • Despite all the new ways to communicate online, most people still use and rely on good old fashioned email. That's why one of the best ways to earn your visitors' trust is to regularly publish an opt-in email newsletter ("opt-in" refers to giving permission to be contacted and receive more information). Keep in touch, and let them know who you are while providing useful information. Eventually, they'll feel more comfortable taking the action that you want (your MDA).

    "The Money is in the List"

    Ahhh... "The List"! One of the secrets to consistent, long-term success online really is no big secret at all: Build a targeted mailing list and regularly contact and market to the people on that list. The simple fact is that people are more likely to buy from someone with whom they feel they have a relationship, rather than from someone whom they don't know or trust.

    Getting your prospect's attention in this busy, information-overloaded world is no simple task. So once you have it (and before you lose it), the first thing you should do is encourage them to subscribe to your mailing list. [TIP: To entice your visitors to subscribe, try offering them something of value in exchange - such as a free report or a special discount.]

    Research shows that it frequently takes multiple visits to a website to close a sale. So if you want your prospects to come back again, and again, make sure they're regularly hearing from you in their inboxes. It isn't difficult to get started. There are four basic things you need to do to implement a successful email newsletter campaign:

    1. Set-up a way to collect opt-in subscribers
    2. Set-up a mailing system for delivering your messages
    3. Promote your list on your site and elsewhere
    4. Mail to your list!

    The most difficult part is getting subscribers to opt-in. And that's where we come in...

    The WVZ Opt-in List Booster

    The Opt-in List Booster is a special feature of the Web Video Player that enables you to invite people to subscribe to your mailing list directly from within your video players. While we don't handle the actual email list management, we do make it easier for you to get more opt-ins for you to add to your existing list.

    Below is an example of this powerful new tool in action. Watch the short video, and then see how it works first-hand by subscribing to our free email newsletter once the video has finished playing:

    After you submitted the form, you saw a brief "thank you" message. As a WVZ member, this is something you can control using the player's "End of Movie Action" setting. For example, you can display a clickable special offer, a "thank you" message, or automatically redirect your new subscribers to any web page. In the example above, I simply had a graphic with a message display for five seconds before resetting the player.

    Now let's take a closer look at how the Opt-in List Booster works, and see what it can do for you:

    I. Opt-in List Booster Settings

    In the WVZ Control Panel, go to the configuration page for the Web Video Player in which you'd like to display a subscription box. Since this feature is only available in the Version 2 player, you will need to scroll down to the section, "Web Video Player - Version 2 Options." The opt-in box settings are located under the heading, "Settings for Opt-In List Booster":


    A. Show Opt-In Box? - Activate the opt-in form by selecting "Yes" in the drop-down box.

    B. Opt-In Title Message - Specify the title that will display at the top of the opt-in box. You can use a maximum of 40 characters.

    C. Opt-In Description - Provide a description, message or additional information about your opt-in newsletter. You can use a maximum of 220 characters.


    II. Email Saving / Forwarding Options

    D. Save emails to downloadable file - Each player has its own separate file, and it is recommended that you keep this box checked. This way, you can keep track of each player's performance to see which ones are generating the most subscribers for you.


    When subscribers opt-in to your list, their name and email will be saved to a file in your WVZ account. At any time, you can either download this file which contains a running list of your subscribers, or you can view them online and copy/paste them to another location (e.g., into your mailing program). The downloadable file is an XLS spreadsheet, and is created with a naming convention that makes it easy to keep track of your players and subscribers:

    optins-(player ID#)-(date of download).xls
    For example:

    After downloading the file, you have the option to reset the counter and delete the existing subscribers. If you don't reset it, new subscribers will be added to the existing list of previous subscribers.


    E. Additional Email Forwarding Options - In addition to saving the opt-ins to your WVZ account, you can also have one of the following occur:

    Option 1: Daily email with spreadsheet (F) - Once per day, you can receive a daily summary of subscriptions for each player, along with a file attachment of your new subscribers for that day. If you choose this option, you will be able to specify the email address where the daily summary email should be sent (G).


    Option 2: Real-time subscriber forwarding (H) - As new subscribers opt-in, you can automatically have the email address and name forwarded to another email address (e.g, an auto-subscriber for your mailing list manager, or an auto-responder). If you choose this option, a new form will appear with these additional settings for you to customize the forwarded email message:

    I. "Sent-From" Address - This is the "from" field of your email message. You choose to have it be from your own WVZ account email address, or the email of the new subscriber.

    J. "Send-To" Address - This is where the forwarded email should be sent (e.g., to the subscriber, as a confirmation or "thank you" email; or, to your autoresponder).

    K. Email Subject - This is the subject of the forwarded email address.

    L. Email Body - You can use this field to include a "thank you" message to your subscriber, or instructions to your subscription manger, depending on how you choose to use this forwarding feature.


    There are two "tokens" you can use in the above fields which will automatically get replaced by what the subscriber submits: %NAME% and %EMAIL%. For example, let's assume you'd like the forwarded email to be a "thank you for subscribing" message sent to your new subscribers; and, the new subscriber submitted the name "Mickey Mouse" and the email "". In the Email Body, you would do something this:

    Hello %NAME%,
    Thank you for subscribing. Your email address %EMAIL% has been subscribed to our list...

    ...and the forwarded message would look like this:

    Hello Mickey Mouse,
    Thank you for subscribing. Your email address has been subscribed to our list...

    Depending on your mailing system, using this forwarding method will enable you to subscribe your viewers to your list in real-time, with no manual intervention on your part. One click, fully automated email subscriptions via your video player! Very cool.

    The WVZ Opt-in List Booster :: Summary

    The WVZ's Opt-in List Booster can help you quickly grow your mailing list by combining the power of web video with the convenience and popularity of email. As a WVZ member (Gold or higher), you can use this tool with any or all of your players, including the JukeBox Player. Current Basic and Silver members can easily upgrade to the Gold plan here.

    Since there are so many different ways you can use the Opt-In List Booster to quickly grow your opt-in list, you may have some questions before you get started (e.g., recommended email management programs and services). Current members, please submit your questions to the WVZ forum. And if you haven't yet joined us and you'd like to know more, please feel free to send us your questions via the WVZ contact form. Thank you!

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