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  Home | Web Video Tips | How I got my video featured on the Yahoo Video home page

How I got my video featured on the Yahoo Video home page

Earlier today, I noticed that traffic to the WVZ was higher than usual, but I didn't know why until I stopped by Yahoo Video. That's when I was surprised to see that a video I had recently uploaded to Yahoo was featured on their home page. Here's the story, and my new secret weapon for getting my videos noticed...

I still don't remember how I got there, but before I had a chance to click away from the Yahoo Video home page, something familiar caught my eye. It was a silly video I had uploaded to Yahoo just last week - and it was now featured on this Yahoo home page. I was stunned.

Featured on Yahoo Video - the story...

My wife and I took our two little boys to Salem, Massachusetts a few months ago for some spooky pre-Halloween fun. Best known for its witch trials of the late 1600's, Salem takes on a festive, and somewhat freakish air in the weeks leading up to that special evening whereupon our small children are encouraged to go door-to-door begging for candy from strangers. And it's the time of year we were there that made the performance below so strange, yet so wonderfully perfect.

We had just finished our tour of the Pirate Museum (but skipped the Witch History Museum and The Witch Dungeon Museum for fear of permanently damaging the children), and then made our way up the Essex Street walking mall, which is a large pedestrian area filled with enticing restaurants and interesting, if not completely bizarre little shops.

Further ahead, I heard a crowd laughing, and a voice over a loudspeaker caught my attention and lured me closer. And what I then discovered was this fascinating street performer, a comedic acrobat of sorts who was more skilled at separating people from their money than a Girlscout selling Christmas cookies for the poor.

Being a web video professional, you would think I'd always have a good video camera on me. But that's not always the case. On this trip, I travelled light, and only had my Canon Powershot A630 digital camera on me. It takes great snapshots, but lousy video. I managed to grab just enough footage of his routine before the flash media card filled up.

After a little editing, the result was is this two minute video, which today (December 17, 2007) is featured on Yahoo Video. The quality is poor, but it's just good enough. This goes to show that you don't need to spend a fortune on a video camera if you only expect your videos to be displayed online...

So, just who is "Twisty Boy"?

First, I don't know his name. I wish I did, because this guy is too entertaining not to be famous. He looked like he was in his early 20's, but somehow knew how to work the crowd like someone who had spent a lifetime doing stand-up routines in Vegas.

His jokes and stunts were prefaced with requests to "be loud, and sound like you're having fun," which in turn brought in more curious onlookers eager to hand over their dollar bills (and their fives, tens and twenties) - all for a few minutes of fun and the opportunity to see something truly out of the norm.

I registered the name "" and added it to the video in the event anyone ever wanted to learn more about the video and who created it. (I actually preferred "" - but that was taken.) For the record, and to the best of my knowledge, he doesn't use that name - it's just for my use and tracking. If and when others steal it and try to pass it off as their own on other sites (which will happen), at least my URL at the bottom will help people find the source.

So, by now, you're probably wondering, "How in the world did you manage to get this dopey video featured on Yahoo's home page?"

To be honest, I can't say exactly why it was chosen. But there was something I did that greatly increased the chances of my video getting seen and passed around - and here it is:

The newest secret weapon in my web video arsenal...

Snapshot of featured video on Yahoo Video home page
   Snapshot of featured video on Yahoo Video home page

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