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  Home | Web Video Uploader | The Web Video Uploader: The easiest way to let your visitors . . .

The Web Video Uploader: The easiest way to let your visitors upload their videos to your site!

Web video and the user-generated content explosion

One of the most popular trends on the web right now is the concept of "user-generated content" or "consumer generated media." User-generated content consists of text, audio, images and videos created by web site users, which is then voluntarily uploaded to someone else's web site. These web sites collect, organize and make this uploaded content available to those who visit these sites.

User-generated content originated with the user groups and public discussion forums. Then, along came the photo-sharing sites such as Flickr. Finally, once technology and internet bandwidth had evolved to a point where video could be uploaded, shared and viewed by anyone with a computer and an internet connection - YouTube appeared at the right place at the right time and brought it all together.

Web sites such as YouTube are exploding in popularity because the user-generated content (video) is created, uploaded and shared by amateurs and everyday people. And thanks to the proliferation of inexpensive, easy-to-use video recording devices (cell phones, camcorders, webcams, digital cameras, etc.), it couldn't be easier to "shoot and share" video with anyone - worldwide. As a result, web site users now flock to web sites searching for unique user-generated content.

With millions of people hungry for new and original videos, wouldn't it be amazing if you could transform your site into a destination where your target audience could find new videos of interest to watch? Well, you can - and it's a breeze - thanks to the WebVideoZone's Web Video Uploader!

The Web Video Uploader - An Overview

It is now push-button simple to invite your audience to submit their own videos to you so you can add them to your site. They upload the video. You review it and approve it. And then you simply add a small snippet of code to your site where you'd like the video to appear.

Here's a quick overview of how you can use the Web Video Uploader to enable your web site visitors to submit their videos to you so you can display them on any web site:

  1. Add a small piece of code to any web page where you would like to have form displayed which enables users to submit video uploads.
  2. Direct your visitors to the upload page where they submit their video, along with their name, email address and video file information.
  3. Once the file upload is complete, it automatically gets converted to the high quality Flash 8 FLV format and is then moved to a temporary holding area.
  4. An email message containing a "validation" link is then sent to the submitter. This will help prevent phony or frivolous video uploads from accumulating in your hosting account.
  5. Once the submitter clicks on the validation link, this initiates the review process. An email message is then sent to you alerting you of a new upload awaiting your review in your account.
  6. In your WVZ account, you can then review and approve or reject the video. You have the option to send an email message notifying the uploader of your decision.
  7. If you approve the video, you can then customize a video player (or clone an existing one), enabling you to display the video on your site.
  8. Add the generated code to any page where you would like this new uploaded video to appear.

Let's take a closer look at how the Web Video Uploader works...

The first thing you need to do is click on the Web Video Uploader link and activate the Visitor Upload Module (VUM) in your WVZ control panel:


Specify the video quality

You will also need to specify the FLV conversion quality for the uploaded videos you receive. We keep this simple, by offering two choices: Good and Best. A "good" conversion gives you a high quality file while keeping the file size small. The "best" conversion results in a higher quality video, but a slightly larger file size. Small video files may load more quickly and play more smoothly for those viewers who do not have a high-bandwidth internet connection.

Enable video uploads

There are two ways you can invite your visitors to upload videos into your account. You can direct them to your private WVZ upload form page, or you can add the form directly to any web site using an IFRAME tag:


Video upload requirements

Using this form, your visitors will be able to upload videos directly into your WVZ account. Certain information is required for each upload, including name, email, and video file description. There is a 200MB maximum file size for uploads. The video file formats that are accepted are: WMV, AVI, MOV, MP4, MPG, FLV, DV, QT, 3GP


Validate the upload

Once the video file has finished uploading, it automatically gets converted to Flash 8 FLV. A "validation email" is then sent to the person who uploaded it:


Your visitor has 48 hours to validate the uploaded and converted video. If it is not validated during this time period, it will automatically be deleted from the server. Once validation is complete, you will receive an email notifying you of a newly uploaded video awaiting your review:


Click on the link in the email, and you are taken to your control panel where this message awaits you:

Approve/reject the video

Clicking on this link brings you to the Web Video Uploader control panel where you can review your uploaded videos, create new players, and get the code to add the videos to your site:

Click on the title of the uploaded video file, and you'll be able to view the video in the WVZ Preview Player, as well as the file and user details for the upload:

At this point, you can either approve or reject the uploaded video, with an option to send an approval/rejection notification email to the video submitter:

Add the video to your site

Once you have approved the video, you then create a new Web Video Player for the uploaded video. You can either customize a new player, or clone an existing one which will be used to play this video file:

At this point, all you need to do is simply push a button and your player code is generated. Add this code to any page where you'd like the video to appear - and you're done! Your user-uploaded videos and players will appear in your WVZ video hosting account in their own section, separate from your own videos and players.

Web Video Uploader - Closing Thoughts

This isn't professional legal advice, but... you do need to keep in mind that your visitors who upload the videos to your account retain the copyright to their content (per the terms of the upload form). You don't actually own the video, and you cannot sell it or present it as your own without written permission from the copyright holder. The user is giving you a non-exclusive license to use their videos within the terms of the agreement. Please respect the copyrights of others.

The Web Video Uploader is available to all WebVideoZone members with a Gold membership (or greater). This higher level of membership is necessary as more web video hosting storage space and bandwidth is required in order to be able to receive and host uploaded videos. If you have a Basic or Silver membership, you can quickly and easily upgrade your membership here (the one-time membership fee is NOT charged again if you're changing your membership level).

So how can you make use of user-generated video content from your visitors, customers and prospects? Here are a few ideas:

  • Run a video contest, invite people to upload their videos, and ask your visitors to vote for a winner!
  • Contact your existing customers, and ask them to provide you with video testimonials (perhaps in exchange for a discount off of future purchases?).
  • Build or turn your existing site into a mini-YouTube site, catering to a specific niche.
  • Ask your visitors to submit industry-specific product reviews (e.g., golf equipment, RVs, etc.).
  • Start a local interest and/or news site.

Once you have the uploads on your site, you can easily monetize your videos using the Web Video Player by displaying clickable advertisments during and/or after the playing of the video. The possibilities for adding user-submitted videos to your web site are endless, so get started with the Web Video Uploader today!

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