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  Home | The Web Video Player | The Web Video Player™ - Features and Benefits

The Web Video Player™ - Features and Benefits

If you're interested in displaying eye-catching, jaw-dropping, 'get-results-now' video presentations on any web site, there is no easier or better way to do it than with The Web Video Player™...

Free web video services such as those offered by Google Video and YouTube are great if you want to show the world the video of your cat sleeping on the sofa. But if you'd like to put forth a more professional and polished image, that just won't do (for more, see the article, Should you really be using those free video hosting services?).

What are your options, then? Well, you can...

  • Buy an expensive, non-interactive, 'off-the-shelf' video player that offers no viral, customization or 'call-to-action' features.
  • Try to find a reliable programmer who can develop a full-featured player to your specifications. Expect to pay at least $1,000 for just a simple player with a few basic options (I've hired programmers to do just this, so I know). And you can expect to pay at least two to three times that amount if you want something similar to The Web Video Player™
  • Give the The Web Video Player™ a trial run. Every feature you could ever ask for (see below) is already built into it - and for a fraction of the cost of what you'd pay for a customized player. Plus, you get unlimited free updates, and access to all of The Web Video Zone tutorials, articles and discussion forum.

Here's a closer look at the features and benefits of using The Web Video Player™...

The following Web Video Player™ features and options are included with all membership plans:

Remote control

When you add The Web Video Player™ to your sites, you control every aspect of it - remotely. In the control panel of your WebVideoZone account, you can change all the options and features specified below at any time, without ever having to edit your web pages or the actual video file itself. Changes you make to your player via the control panel reflect on your site in real-time.

Instant and automatic updates

When we update, fix or improve something on the player, you don't have to do anything. No need to install anything on your server or change any code on your web pages. The updated player immediately displays on your web pages.

Lower Bandwidth Costs

Because we host The Web Video Player™ on our servers, you don't incur any bandwidth costs associated with serving the player to your viewers (keep in mind, the player is seperate from the actual video file).

Host your video anywhere

Since the player is seperate from the video file itself, you can host your FLV video file on any normal web server connected to the internet. No special streaming server or software required. (Optional web video hosting services will soon be available here at the WVZ.)

No plugins required

Because The Web Video Player™ runs on Flash, 98% of all computer users worldwide are able to view the player without having to download additional software. This means a fast-loading, easy-to-view video experience for your visitors.

No FLV restrictions

The Web Video Player™ can play FLV video files created with any program, in any version of Flash (e.g., 7,8,9). It doesn't matter what tool you use to create FLV video files, this player can handle them all.

Play anywhere

The Web Video Player™ normally makes use of javascript in order to display. However, for situations where you cannot add javascript code to a web page (e.g., eBay), you can choose to use a non-javascript version of the player.

'Clone' your players

When you create your video player, you actually create what's known as a player configuration, which is a set of rules instructing the player what to do, and how to appear on your web pages. When it's time to create a new player config, there's no need to start from scratch. With one click, you can clone any existing player (even the demo that comes with your account), and then modify it as needed.

Pick your size

You're not limited to using any specific size. You choose what size you would like your player to be so that it matches the height and width of your video file. No need to worry whether or video has a standard 4:3 aspect ratio, or one that's 16:9 for widescreen. (And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, that's OK, it's not that important - this is just for "tech heads").

Custom color matching

You can set your player to be any color so that it blends perfectly with your site. Choose from 28 standard colors in a drop-down box, or specify a hex color code for exact color precision.

Choose a border

Or don't. Your player can have a small, medium or larger border of any color to help offset it from your web page. Using a border can help the player blend in with the page, or make it stand out - depending upon what you want to accomplish.

Easy 3D effects

If you'd like your video players to look a little 'jazzier' and stand out more, you can easily create custom 3D backgrounds and border effects. (see tutorial)

Set the volume

Specify how loud the volume level of your player should be when the video starts to play. The default is 75 (on a scale from 1 to 100). For videos recorded at a high volume level, set it lower so you don't startle your viewers. Set it higher for low-level recordings.

Multiple start options

You choose how the video should start playing. Your options are:

  • Automatically, once the page loads
  • Automatically, after a short delay
  • With a custom "click to play" graphic that you specify
  • With the default onscreen "click to play" button
  • And of course, the play button is an option, too.

Set the buffer

You can choose if, and for how long the video should buffer (pre-load) before it starts to play. By setting the buffer properly, you can improve the playback quality of your video without requiring your viewers to wait longer than necessary.

Display a buffer message

While your video is pre-loading, your visitors may be wondering what, if anything, is actually happening. By displaying a text message while the video buffers (e.g., "One moment please..."), your visitors will be more likely to wait until it starts.

Add text messages to your player

Before your video starts to play, you can choose to display a short text message on the player itself. This can be useful for personalizing/branding your player, or simply providing more information about your video. You can choose to display a seperate "Exit Text Message" as well.


Unless you simply want to entertain your visitors, you probably want your videos to help you accomplish something (e.g., sell something, get a lead, encourage a request for more info, etc.). That's why we loaded The Web Video Player™ with useful features that encourage action - such as:

  • Custom "Click to Play" image you can display in your player that piques curiosity and encourages people to want to watch your video.
  • Clickable on-screen "Logo Image" that you can have appear at any time and brings viewers to another web page when clicked.
  • Clickable "Exit Image" that displays after the video is over. Perfect for a "Click here for more info..." type of message after the video has stimulated interest.

Here's what happens next...

After the video has finished playing, what happens next is up to you - you're in total control. For example, you can:

  • Make the video loop to the beginning and play again automatically
  • Pause briefly, while displaying a clickable "call-to-action" graphic before then returning back to its initial state
  • Display a clickable "Re-Play" button
  • Instantly re-set the player back to its initial state
  • Automatically re-direct your visitor to a new web page that you specify

Player statistics

By turning on the stats tracking feature, you can find out which videos are getting the most views, how long people stay tuned in, and what percentage of your viewers watch to the end.

The player that pays you

As a WVZ member, you can join our affiliate program and earn commissions for referring new members. If you use a player that displays The WebVideoZone logo/button, you have the option to embed your affiliate ID into the player, turning the logo into a revenue-generating affiliate link.

The following features are available to Silver and Gold Members...

Use the 'Viral Buttons' to help spread the word

You have the option to display two additional buttons in the bottom of your player...

1. The Tell a Friend button makes it simple for your viewers to share your video with someone else. Clicking on this button causes a new browser window to appear containing a small email form. The viewer provides the friend's name and email address, and a short email message is sent to the friend recommending your video.

When you utilize the Tell a Friend feature, you can also choose to display additional information about your video, including text and links.

2. If you choose to display the Add to Site button, when your viewer clicks it, a new browser window opens with simple instructions allowing anyone to add your video to another web site.

Player Branding

You can choose to not display the player's built-in logo button at the bottom. If you choose not to, you have three options:

  1. Remove the logo and show nothing in its place.
  2. Display a custom text link.
  3. Display a custom image link.

Utilizing the player branding options makes it look like the Web Video Player™ has been custom-designed just for you. (See example)

Turn off the player controls

There may be times when you simply want to have your video play on a web page without have it appear in a visible player. You can easily accomplish that with the flick of a switch, and simply turn off the player controls.

More configurations

While a Basic Membership has a limit of 20 configurations per account, with a Silver Membership, you can have up to 50 web video players in your account at a time. This should be more than enough for most web site owners. But if not, there's always a Gold Membership...

The following features are available to Gold Members only...

Video Affiliate System

The WebVideoZone's Video Affiliate System™ is for online marketers who can see the tremendous profit potential that is possible when you combine internet video with an existing affiliate program.

This special feature lets you easily incorporate your videos into an existing affiliate program and transforms your video players into eye-catching, attention-grabbing affiliate video players that can drive a ton of targetted to traffic your way.

100 configurations

A Gold Membership offers twice as many player configurations as a Silver Membership, bringing the total to a whopping 100 available for players per account. And if this doesn't meet your needs, let us know, and we'd be glad to put together a custom plan just for you.

The Web Video Player™ - Summary

If you want to display eye-catching, jaw-dropping video presentations on any web site, there is no easier or better way to do it than with The Web Video Player™.

We invite you to take advantage of our Try and See Guarantee , to find out for yourself if The WebVideoZone and The Web Video Player™ are right for.

Try it today.

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