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  Home | Web Video Tips | How to easily create a powerful call to action with interact . . .

How to easily create a powerful "call to action" with interactive web videos

A truly effective internet marketing video presentation should motivate the viewer to perform some kind of action...

Unless the purpose of your videos is to entertain or educate, you will want them to feel a desire to do something by the time they're finished watching your video. Examples include: buy now, request more information, visit another web site, call a phone number, etc.

This is known in marketing terms as a "call to action." And it is often the difference between a pretty little video presentation that just sits there accomplishing little, and one that gets powerful results for your business.

The WebVideoZone Player was built from the ground up with this in mind. By using one or more of the different features in the Player Maker, you will be able to add an interactive element to your video that encourages your viewers to act.

There are several different ways to add interactivity to your videos...

1. The WVZ Logo Feature with Existing Video

The logo option allows you to have a graphic appear within the video screen while the video is playing. It is placed "on top of" the video. This means the graphic is seperate from the video itself.


The logo can be:

  • Any size up to the dimensions of the video itself (e.g., 320x240)
  • In a GIF, JPG or PNG format
  • Transparent or semi-transparent (must be in PNG format)

In the WVZ Player Maker, you have four different options for the Logo:


  1. Logo Image Path - specify the URL location of your logo. For example:
  2. Logo Position - where you'd like the logo to appear on the screen (e.g., top right, bottom left, etc.)
  3. Logo Click URL - if you click on the logo, this is the URL to which the viewer be directed (e.g.,
  4. Logo Click Target - where the link will open (e.g, "_blank" = new window, "_self" = current window)

You can use your own images, or choose from among the dozens of custom made graphics in the player image gallery.

Once you've set the necessary options, press the "save configuration" button, and your logo will be added. The player will updated in real-time on any web page on which it appears.

2. The Invisible Logo Trick

By using a transparent GIF or PNG file, you can turn any area of the viewing screen into a clickable "hotspot." That's how I did it with my video example:


The area is actually clickable the entire time the video is playing. Unless it's brought to your attention with a call to action, you would probably never notice it. Watch the video again to see what I mean...

If you don't want to incorporate graphical elements into your video (e.g., giant head of Steve Jobs), you can simply make the whole screen area, or a portion of it, clickable.

For example:

If your video size is 320x240, use a clear pixel graphic of the same dimensions as your logo. During your video, you can say something like, "Click on me for more information." In actuality, a click anywhere on the screen area would suffice; but, by being specific, it seems more interesting.

You can position your invisible logo anywhere:

  • Top right, center, or left
  • Bottom right, center, or left
  • Or directly in the center of the screen

Don't worry about trying to figure out how to make a transparent image. I already made some for you. Here is a zip file containing a variety of different-sized clear pixel GIF images you can use with your videos: Clear Pixel Images

All you have to do is:

  1. Download it to your computer
  2. Click on it to unzip
  3. Save the files you want
  4. Upload the ones you want to use to a server
  5. Specify its location in the Player Maker

Finally, you can add interactivity to your video using...

3. The Exit Image Option

In the Player Maker, you can specify what happens after your video has finished playing:


The options are the same as described above for the Logo Image settings - with one addition: "End of Movie Action"

In this drop-down box, you make a selection to indicate what the player should do once the video is done playing:

  1. Nothing - displays the last frame from your video
  2. Reset - returns back to the Intro Image ("Click to Play")
  3. Loop - continues to play the video over again automatically
  4. Replay Button - displays a clickable "replay button" that will cause the video to start again once pressed.
  5. Image With Pause - displays the Exit Image as specified in the Exit Image Path above.

By selecting the final option, "Image With Pause," you're instructing the player to display a specific image upon completion of the video. In this case, you will also need to specify a pause time in the field to the right of the drop-down box. This is the number of seconds that the Exit Image will display in the player, before the video resets back to the Intro Image.

The video is done. Your viewer is sitting there, waiting to be told what to do. This is where you have a powerful image that says: "Click to Buy Now!", "Click for More Information!", or "Call this number to learn more..."

Once again, you can use your own images, or choose from among those in the player image gallery. Remember, the image should be the same size as the video (e.g., 320x240), and can be in GIF, JPG or PNG formats.

Summary - Creating Interactive Web Videos with the WVZ Player

You're not limited to using just one of the techniques above. Combine the logo and exit image features together, and create a double whammy call to action!

Keep in mind, you can change any of the above settings at any time, without having to change the code on your web site. Once you change it in the Player Maker, it will update automatically on any page the video appears, in real-time. Change your mind again? Change the settings again.

For example, you can change:

  • Click URLs
  • Images/image paths
  • Click targets
  • FLV video file itself

No more boring, TV-like web videos. Encourage people to interact with your presentations, and prepare to be amazed by the results.

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